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Discover a broad range of second hand vehicles from all over Europe on our online car auction website. All vehicles are shown on our website with a detailed description, damage report and photo gallery. We want you to know exactly what your buying to make sure you get value for your money.

You can make some great deals on economy cars on our auction website. Just check out the vehicles below. The current highest bids for these vehicles are between € 6,500 and € 10,000. You'll need to log in to place your bid. Don't have an account yet? Register for free.

For a lot of your customers, price is a deciding factor. So you should be able to find vehicles in their price range quickly and efficiently. That's why we split our vehicles up in price brackets: less than €3,000, between € 3,001 and € 6,500, between € 6,501 and € 10,000, between € 10,001 and € 20,000 and more than € 20,000.

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